Buying furniture in a rush? Get some expert advice

I've helped hundreds if not thousands of customers buy a modular sleep systems for their home, guest house, vacation rental, etc., be it a sleeper sofa, cabinet bed, and murphy bed.

While these products are significantly cheaper than building an addition to a room, or planning to build a larger house, buying furniture is usually a larger purchase than what most of us buy. Most customers call us asking for what we have in stock in this post pandemic era where supply chains have not caught up from the government's response to Covid and their restrictive lockdowns which has now caused inventory delays and shortages. Many customers call us at the moment they want to host someone or have a deadline and they weren't anticipating potential 9 month delays in some instances.

If you are caught in this dilemma, I recommend thinking about the following. I will often give customers a recommendation for alternative products that are coming in stock and if you call us, we would be happy to give you an up to date inventory report.

The products we offer are great for hosting our closest family and friends. However, I think every person buying furniture should think about this: You are going to see the furniture you buy every day. Make sure whatever you buy, that it is something you will like seeing EVERYDAY. Don't buy something that you are going to hate the look of after you finish hosting your first guests. Run this through your head as you search for your next piece of furniture! Happy shopping!