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REFERRAL BONUS! is focused on providing the best customer service. If you have enjoyed a great shopping experience with us and would like to refer a friend, we want to reward you! A referring customer, once eligible, may select one referral reward opportunity as listed below:


Eligibility Terms and Conditions to receive your referral bonus:

  1. Referred person's order value must be above $1500
  2. Customer referred must provide your name, the email you used from a previous purchase in the notes section of their order, and the reward you would like to receive from our selection options.
  3. Referral bonus will be paid 45-60 days after product has been delivered
  4. Referral bonus will not be paid if referred customer returns their order
  5. All gift cards or donations will be delivered via email
  6. No Limit--refer as many of your friends and family as you'd like

Updated June 26, 2021