Make a dual purpose room. Shed space and shed pounds!

Make a plan... And stick to it. Many of us know how frustrating a little extra weight can be to our daily routine and even our self confidence. I personally love to exercise and the time it takes to go to the gym, juggle family, etc is strenuous. Plus the gym can make a lot of us very self-conscious when we aren't the one walking around with a six pack. Anyway... there are many of us that are still limiting contact with strangers by not going to the gym because we have family members or even ourselves who could be placed in the vulnerable COVID-19 category.


Shed space and shed pounds!

Here's an idea if you have spare bedroom or bonus room. Swap out the couch, sofa, or regular bed with a murphy bed, a cabinet bed, or a sleeper sofa in your guest or bonus room. It will give you much needed space and allow you to get into your workouts without having to avoid furniture. There's nothing worse than trying to get into your workout routine and you constantly bump into furniture!

Let's make 2021 better than 2020. I think putting health and maximizing your living space would certainly contribute to that endeavor!

Happy Shopping!