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Measure Twice, Buy and Ship Once!

Happy Monday Everyone! At Hide And Seek Beds, we are all about maximizing your oh-so-expensive square footage! However, there is an old saying that we want to reiterate here "Measure Twice, Cut Once!" In the carpentry world, the wood  used in creating end products can take generations to grow. This isn't just about getting the product right, its about managing the resources we have been given and not being wasteful. We would recommend a similar approach as you shop for modular sleep systems. Double check your space dimensions. Make sure that it fits your space with a simple measuring tape. Measure Twice, buy once (well maybe buy a few times if the product is great rather than just once;), and ship once. We all have an opportunity be great stewards of our forests and our homes by adhering to this simple advice. Measure twice! Happy Shopping!