Why Hide Your Bed??

The real question is why wouldn't you want to hide sleeping spaces? For starters, it makes your house feel bigger, because you have more livable space. Oftentimes, bedrooms revolve around the the bed, and in many instances nothing else can fit inside the room. The bed is often the center piece of a bedroom. Makes sense where the name came from right?

The reality is though, that we only use our beds for 8 hours a day (usually, and if we are lucky), and we can use the space for so many other purposes. Yoga, exercise, painting, kids playing with toy and any other fun you couldn't do because a bed is in sitting in the middle of your bedroom. This new found space opens up so many possibilities for not only your master bedroom, but any other space that needs to serve a variety of purposes outside of sleeping.

That is what attracted me to modular sleeping spaces like murphy beds, sleeper sofas or cabinet beds. You get two rooms in one. You maximize the space in a way that only buying or building a bigger house can, which will cost you thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousand of dollars. Save yourself money and take a look at all the creative ways you can maximize your dollars and space at the same time.

Hide and Seek Beds was created with that idea in mind. Hide your bed that takes up all sorts of space it where its unnecessary. Maximize the space you need to really enjoy the more time in your home with those that matter most which will sure bring a smile to your face every time you use it :)