Christmas and Holiday Shopping Starts Now!

Okay I know that Christmas and the holidays are just under 3 months away.... but in reality, the holiday season is a great opportunity of reflection and spending time with loved ones...And--That means every child's favorite part of the holidays--PRESENTS!!!

I'm sure most of us have experienced some sort of shipment delay on something we've purchased this year. In general, almost everything is back ordered and it isn't slowing down any time soon. I anticipate that we might see products and more specifically furniture, regularly in stock late in 2022. Yes, you heard that right. I anticipate it normalizing in late 2022. That said, most furniture products have a 2-5 month back order, meaning that if you were to place an order today, it will likely take 2-5 months to get it. We do carry some products that are in stock regularly like Fusion Wall Beds, Murphy Bed Studios, and other products domestically manufactured, but that's more the exception than the rather than the rule. In other words, we strongly recommend you do your holiday shopping now, that way you don't have to print out a picture of the item you ordered and put that under the tree instead of a piece of furniture that won't fit under the tree anyway! :P So we recommend you get ahead of the curve, be prepared and patient, and get your order in for your holiday shopping sooner than later.

If you want to learn more about how we process payment for out of stock orders, check out our recent blog post. We don't capture payment until your product is ready for shipment.

Happy Shopping!